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First you will get some information about the new features of the music-section! The new search engine allows you to search the complete database for the modules you are looking for... You also have the possibility to look for the best rated, most downloaded and last uploaded modules...

additional information about the modules:

All modules are converted to PC, but as there existed many different programs to create this kind of music, some PC-players may have problems with playing these sounds correctly. So if some modules seem to be rather bad composed or if there are some weird noises or instruments within the sound you should better try another player than thinking of a lame composition...

Here is a list of some players that should work properly with Amiga modules:

DeliPlayer - In my oppinion the best player for PC - All modules are played perfectly!

WinAmp - most modules are played correctly, but if too many special effects were used you may hear strange noises! And some modules on this homepage donīt work... probably because bad conversation

Of course you can also listen to these modules with FastTracker (itīs a composer program, so you can even create your own modules with up to 32 voices). The only problem with Fasttracker is the lack of comfort (e.g. no possibility to create a playlist), but nearly 100 % compatibility to Amiga formats!

The best of course would be listening to the modules on Amiga, because of a 100 % compatibility ;-) !!!

Enter Music-Section

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