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Before you start downloading the Amiga-Demos you should read this text!!!

All zipped Demo-files on this homepage were converted from Amiga to PC. That means the Amiga disks are copied to PC and transfered into a special format. This format is called ADF (Amiga Disk File)! As the basic structures of Amiga and PC are completely different (file-system, processor, graphic- and soundchips, ...) you canīt start the files by clicking the icon!!!

So you need an emulator - for example WinUAE or Winfellow. These programs make it possible to emulate a real Amiga on your PC and the best is you can download them without paying a cent!

Try the following links to get the latest versions of these fantasic programs:



If you have any problems with these two emulators try contacting me per e-mail!


- I M P O R T A N T -

These programs can only emulate an Amiga when the original Amiga-kickstart-rom is transfered to your PC. The Amiga-kickstart-rom is the operation system. As spreading this kickstart is prohibited, I canīt put my own kickstart version onto this homepage. Just try searching the web for the files you need... or try converting the kickstart-rom from an old Amiga!!!

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